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People are inspired by many different things. One might think the Sabin family was inspired by the man this stamp memorializes - Buckminster Fuller. It might also be possible that we were inspired by the shape of Bruce's head. However, neither is the case. Bruce first began learning about domes from a neighbor of ours and being the eccentric he is, Bruce went and looked further into them. He soon found many different benefits to building a "dome home." They include:

        1. Energy Efficiency
        2. Strength
        3. Just Plain Different
Buckminster Fuller Stamp
geodesic dome

We began seriously exploring the idea of building the SabinDome in the Fall of 2005. The first thing we had to do was find a place to build. Not knowing if we'd eventually follow through on our plans, but knowing the house we were living in wouldn't work forever, we purchased a lot in Frostproof, FL. From there it took us a full year to finalize and purchase the architectural plans for the SabinDome. We invite you to learn more about the progress of the SabinDome.