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(updated 12/22/08)

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February 10, 2008 - From the garage, you are looking into the utility room. The door is not installed yet because we need to have the drywall in first.
This is the current state of our stairway. Our framer decided he wasn't capable of finishing it competently so he got the first 2 steps and the landing done and suggested we find someone else. Know any good carpenters?
February 22, 2008 - As of today, we have hired the electric, well, septic, and plumbing companies. The electrician is set to start this weekend and the plumber and well next week. We still have a few details to work out with the septic company. The HVAC companies who have seen the property are still putting together their bids. There is still the matter of painting the top of the main dome and of installing a driveway. Also, if you know of any good drywall companies that are local, feel free to pass our information along.
February 23, 2008 - The electrical work has begun! This is the utility room and you can see the markings on the floor for the a/c, washer, and dryer. On the left side wall the breaker box has also been installed. We still have a few more pieces to pick up at Home Depot for the electricians, but they have already begun putting the boxes in where outlets and wall switches will go.
The garage also has a 2nd floor, just like the house - sort of. There are no rooms, closets, or knee walls up here. Just 238 sf of storage space. Right now it is coming in very handy thanks to 12 months no interest, no payments from Home Depot. We've been able to puchase many different things for the house so far, such as primer, fixtures, and even the flooring for the 2nd floor of the main dome.



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