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(updated 12/22/08)

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dome home panels Progress Energy truck
dome home riser panel concreted in
June 21 2007 - Today seemed to get off to a much better start. When Bruce arrived at the lot to check on things he found Progress Energy connecting power to our temporary pole. This means we won't be paying to rent a generator, which saves about $30/day, less the cost of whatever electricity we consume.
The crew was also able to get the riser seams cemented in place. I understand it was a little wet this morning so the task took a little longer to get going.
setting up geodesic dome home rib system
We will never say that this adventure of building a home was boring. Yes, the ambulance you see in the photo above was taken at our job site. Billy, a day laborer, became dehydrated and felt ill enough to need the assistance of our local 911 service. He was taken to the ER and when we spoke with him this evening he seemed to think he would be fine, just didn't take enough care to drink enough fluids.
Once Billy had been whisked away by the ambulance, we had a chance to see what had been accomplished today. According to the consultants, we are about on schedule considering the various delays from yesterday and today. The rib system for the first level of triangular panels was completed today as well as some basic work to get the entryways set-up.
setting up dome home rib system
setting up dome home rib system
Here, some final pieces of the rib system are being set into place. We have been told that ordinary people, just like us, can build a dome if we want to. After watching these guys, I couldn't imagine dealing with the current stresses, plus the effects of this much physical labor!
June 22, 2007 - The rib system was completed this morning. The dome is ~24 feet high, which reflects 1/2 the diameter for those of you paying attention to the geometry of our 48' dome.
setting up dome home rib system blue sky
setting up dome home rib system
Aren't our skylights beautiful? The sky was gorgeous out today though we could have used some cooler temperatures.
Here is the view of the rib system from the far right side of the house. The garage slab is in the foreground.
setting up dome home rib system
By the time today was through, most of the 1st row of triangular panels were set. I believe the goal for tomorrow is to cement the panels together. It will be a lot of work lugging those 5-gallon buckets of cement up and down the ladder to reach the tops of this row of panels. I can't even imagine what it will be like when they get towards the very top. My days of ladder climbing are long over!
This 4-minute video will show you how a panel is put into place. The actual process took closer to 15 minutes.



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