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(updated 12/22/08)

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dome home panels
dome home panels
We had the panels delivered on February 15, 2007. These are the panels that will be used to build the house. They are made up of 7" foam insulation and ~2" of steel-reinforced concrete. These particular panels are for the garage.
These are all of the panels that will be needed to construct our home. There are well over 100 panels here, plus the supplies needed to put them together. That's some expensive foam! :-)
foundation prep flat land
foundation prep rough in
March 30, 2007 - We had to bring in quite a bit of dirt to raise and level the ground for our home. At this point, we are just waiting for the permitting office to get their act together so we can start building!
May 19, 2007 - In this photo, you can see the form for the main dome. The plumber is in the middle of laying the pipes before the foundation is poured. From front to back (left to right in this photo), the house measures 48'.
foundation prep rough in
poured foundation
In this photo, I (Jennifer), am standing in my dining room to be, looking towards the garage. That large pipe coming from the garage makes a stop at the full bath we are installing.
June 1, 2007 - The foundation is done! And, we passed our inspection. Bruce is standing on the far side of the garage and I am standing next to the house, where the master bedroom will be.
Bruce Sabin with poured foundation
port a potty
This is Bruce standing at the front door of our new home. The house is 45' from front to back. He thought it would help you understand the perspective if he stood in the picture. I think he just likes vogue-ing!
One of the necessities of building a house is having to bring in a port-a-potty. I know it is bizarre, but I took a picture of it.
The next step will be to have the dome shell constructed. As of right now, we have 2 consultants from AI Domes coming out around June 20 to get that process started. It should take 3-4 weeks. We need to find a couple of day laborers to help out since our personal construction skills are seriously lacking! Any volunteers?



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