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dome home construction

dome home construction
June 26, 2007 - Bruce and I have been out of town for a few days and we were very eager to get back to see what changes had been made since Friday evening. This is a view from the front. We chose a high-profile entryway which is why it appears taller than the other entryways.
All of the entry ways are done. This is Bruce standing in the framing for the link between the house and the garage. Directly in front of him is where the utility room will be.
dome home construction
dome home construction
The entryway on the left is for the master bedroom. In the middle of it will be a set of french doors leading to the outside. We plan to create a small, private courtyard outside those french doors some day as a quiet, natural retreat.
This image was taken from the back side of the dome. On the right is the master bedroom entrance I just described. On the left is the rear entryway, from the kitchen. It appears the consultants made the greatest progress in this section.
pop out panel for window dormer
dome home construction
I am showing you a close-up of these panels because of something neat that will happen here. Notice that the panel in the middle of the 2 ladders has not been cemented into place. This is because it will be popped out to make room for a window in the master bathroom. Right now, it is supporting the other panels until the concrete hardens.
This is the interior view of the above picture. The wood framing you've been seeing will eventually come down and all of the panels will support one another. The white spans are the drywall that will be the interior walls. It will take a good coat of primer to get these walls ready for whatever colors we eventually decide on.
dome home construction pregnant lady on construction site
geodesic dome home partially complete
June 27, 2007 - Our first skylight is in! This is above the high-profile entryway at the front of the dome. It looks blue because of a plastic film over it that will be removed at some point before we move in.
You can see that more progress has been made with the panel installation. By the end of the day, there were only 24 more panels to be installed on the 48' dome.
dome panel hexagon opening
setting dome panel into place skylight
The 48' dome is the largest one that AI Domes makes. Unfortunately, the larger triangle pieces of the 48' dome are too wide to fit on the truck that delivers them. So, AI Domes cuts one corner off and sends along the separate small triangles to fill in the holes.
June 29, 2007 - By the time we arrived this afternoon to check on the SabinDome progress they only had 8 panels left to put into place. The men are almost 20' up in the air at this point and have about 4 more feet to go.
I can't help putting in photos from this angle! I think this picture shows better than any other I've posted the real shape of the house. The garage slab is in the foreground. The large triangle opening above the link will hold a window for the upstairs sitting area. It will be an excellent escape route in case of an upstairs fire. We can jump out the window, onto the link, then to the ground and far, far away from the house. :-)



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