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(updated 12/22/08)

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dome home construction window dormer skylight

July 3 , 2007 - All of the panels are finally in place! It took a couple of days longer than expected because some of the panels were initally put in the wrong spot. The yellow parts sticking out are the window dormers. Remember the panel that was going to pop out? Well the yellow window dormer on the bottom right is what took its place.
We aren't quite sure how this happened, but I guess FL grass, er weeds, are very hardy and can grow anywhere... even the bathtub drain! This of course, will have to be cleaned up.
dome home construction skylight
dome home construction lull flat tire
I almost feel like I am looking at the construction of a church-type building when I look at this picture because of the contrast between the shadows and the sunlight. Actually though, while a lot of prayers have been said in the SabinDome already, this is only the entryway for the utility room and the window dormer for an upstairs bedroom.
And the week could not have been complete without at least one minor crisis. This time, a tire on the Lull went flat. So flat, that by the next morning, when this photo was taken, it had come off the rim. The tire did get repaired. Turns out the valve stem was broken off somehow. Ridge Equipment fixed it right up for us.
dome home construction second floor suspension rod
June 5, 2007 - The shell of the first dome is complete! It took exactly 2 weeks to get here, and I know the guys are tired. But from where I stand, it was worth it. You can see in this picture the link (bottom center) and the window dormer for the upstairs sitting room.
I thought it would be interesting to show you how the second floor will be held up. While there are some supporting walls from the first floor, the second floor will be held up with the suspension rods in this photo. There are 6 of them around the dome; in the picture above you can see 2 of them. If they look like they are sticking out at funny angles, they are.
You can see here that the rib system used to support the panels is now completely gone. All that remains are panels held together with concrete that has been reinforced by either rebar or a steel cable that goes around the dome. The EPS insulation sitting on the floor will be used in the construction of the smaller, 30' garage dome.
Speaking of the garage dome, here is what is left of the building materials. The pile is quite a bit smaller now that the 48' dome is complete. We anticipate that construction will begin on the smaller dome in another 2 weeks or so.
dome home construction eyebolt harness suspension
Some might wonder how one can get to the top of the dome for maintenance, repairs, or painting. The answer lies in this photo. You can see at the very top of the dome there is an eyebolt that is cemented into place. The dome comes with a harness kit that can be used to securely hang from this eyebolt to do whatever needs to be done to the top of the dome. Of course, really tall ladders could work too. But, Bruce looks forward to repelling down the side of our house.
While we wait to begin the construction of the 30' dome, we are working on hiring a framing and a stucco company. We have been in contact with a couple of people and are trying to set appointments to meet them at the site. It would be ideal if we could find someone who is really excited about being involved in our unique project. There probably won't be many updates in the next 2 weeks unless we can find a framer or stucco company to get started right away.



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